Guarantee your child a strong Chinese foundation

EtonHouse Zhong Hua Pre-School at 681 Bukit Timah offers a Chinese only programme.    

Why early exposure to the Chinese language is important

There is growing evidence that children should be immersed in a language for at least 4-5 hours in a day to make language learning sustainable.

Every day, children are exposed to the Chinese language at all times in school. This exclusive Chinese-speaking environment, which many do not have at home, is essential in giving children a solid foundation in the language. With a considerable amount of time communicating in Chinese, children are able to appreciate how useful and relevant the language is to their daily life. Over time, they are able to think and understand concepts in Chinese.

We believe that the Chinese language is a life skill and an essential communication tool.

Delivered in our inquiry-based environment, children are exposed to Chinese in a meaningful and enjoyable manner. During their formative years, the focus is very much on the 听(listening) and  (speaking) aspects before we proceed to build up proper sentence structure and vocabulary, with the kindergarten level focused on reading() and writing ().

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There is an added emphasis on Chinese cultural experiences such as Chinese Art (painting, Calligraphy), Performance Art (music, dance, drama and songs), literature (stories, rhymes and poems) and festivities. The learning environment is created for children to experience the beautiful Chinese culture and tradition in a warm, home-like space, featuring a beautiful garden and outdoor playground, unique art pieces, musical instruments and meaningful learning resources.

Take the first step towards developing a powerful bilingual foundation in your child. 

For children 18 months to 6 years


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