Starting this August*

Small class sizes, dedicated English and Chinese teachers

The boutique environment with dedicated English and Chinese teachers for each class will give your child the individualized support that is ideal in the early primary years.

An unparalleled learning experience for your child 

Our unique nature education and outdoor programme offers your child exciting experiences in beach volleyball, adventure sports, nature trails and more. With our Edtech learning suite, your child will also develop skills in coding, programming, multimedia authoring, animation and 3D gaming.  

Strong track record

Supported by our international school campus on Broadrick Road in the East Coast, our programme will have the rigour and depth of our curriculum successfully offered over the last 19 years. Your child will also enjoy the option of a seamless transfer to the EtonHouse Thomson and Broadrick campus for upper primary and secondary years.

Register your interest for Year 1, 2 and 3. 

* subject to regulatory approval