Welcome to our campus at Upper Bukit Timah

Situated in the lush surroundings of upper Bukit Timah, in a 5 storey standalone building, this campus offers a strong bilingual curriculum in an outstanding learning environment. The academic calendar is from Jan to Dec and the campus offers child care services.

You can’t go wrong with our established and successful Inquire.Think.Learn curriculum. 

Several successful EtonHouse graduates are making their mark in both local and international schools. Our Chinese programme is particularly special. Learning is fun and engaging. Your child will develop a genuine liking and a strong foundation for the language.

Our outstanding facilities and creative learning spaces include a spacious indoor playground, rooftop garden, recycling centre and visual arts studio provide a diverse range of experiences and endless possibilities for children to be inspired. Specialist teachers in PE, arts and music add depth and diversity to your child’s pre-school years.